Bring the Lab home with our Custom Colour Kits to cover roots, tone blondes or enrich your overall colour – right from home! Each Kit comes with easy to follow instructions and all the necessary tools.

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“the best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”

– coco chanel

revolutionary colour only salon.

Colour Lab is a revolutionary concept in the beauty industry: a space solely devoted to hair colour. Our modern-day laboratory specializes in high-end, industry-leading colour application and products. We’re here for one reason, to make beautiful colour affordable and uncomplicated.

products made for your colour.

Many people judge the quality of their shampoo on the volume of suds. Truthfully, these suds come from sulfates in shampoo and damage your hair. With constant use, sulfates slowly strip away the colour and moisture of your hair, leaving it dull, dry and lifeless. As your colour fades, you return to the salon more than necessary.


Colour Lab has created shampoos and conditioners that use high quality ingredients for colour treated hair. Our products are pH balanced to keep your hair in its most natural state in order to prevent against fading and damage. Phosphate, sulfate and cruelty free.

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